Our services

Marketing and Promotion

We advertise your event on our website, social media, flyers, posters, brochures, and make personal appearances. We can write blogs, website content, and press releases to increase your online presence and raise awareness for your organization.


We set up registration, process tickets and fees, track sign ups and RSVPS, field inquiries, and distribute liability waivers and other pertinent information needed for your event.

Staffing, Sponsors, and Vendors

We have many connections in the community and can procure sponsors, vendors, prizes, and staffing for your function.

Event Operations

Wonder Promotions and Events can perform as little or as many event operations to meet your needs, including:

  • securing a facility and equipment
  • set up, take down, and maintenance of the facilities throughout the event
  • establish a timeline, schedule, heats, and program
  • scoring (for competitions)
  • video workouts and standards and distribute to athletes and staff (for competitions)
  • opening and closing ceremonies
  • post photos and videos of the event and other follow up items

Raise Money and Awareness

We raise money and awareness for your organization and cause!