Project name:

Goddess Games 2021

Project description:

We had an incredible turnout for Goddess Games 2021 and such an impressive group of athletes.  The individual and 2 person team competition was held on August 14th at QCFit Northlake to benefit icuTalks.

Below are the final standings for all divisions:

All Inclusive Division

Juice Crew 1st
Dynamic Duo Strength and Cardio 2nd
LTrain 3rd
Wicked Sassy
3’s A Crowd
Amanda Smith (Individual) 1st
Amanda Kloo (Individual) * Virtual Participant 2nd

Scaled Individual

Autum Reagan 1st
Gwen Trice 2nd
Heavan Mitchell 3rd
Kim Keith 4th
Michelle Tripp 5th
Vidette Durham 6th
Victoria Rodriquez 7th
Michelle Boring 8th

Scaled Team

Fun-4a-Wile 1st
Cajun Vikings 2nd
Twin It To Win It 3rd
HRT- Her Royal Thighnes 4th
Milk & Cookies 4th
Team Wedgie 6th
Scaled for Life 7th
This is all Steph’s fault 8th
Lifter Sisters 9th
Like Mother Like Daughter 10th
Freedom K9 11th
The Insane Membranes 12th
Dos Koalas 13th
Booty and the Beast 14th
Garage Goddesses 15th
CFB Goddesses 15th
Ginger & Spice 17th
Hustle and Muscle 18th
Small Fries 18th
Two Girls One Comp 20th
Tequila Mockingbirds 21st
Kettlebelles 21st
Flexy and We Know It 23rd
Short Stacks 23rd
Team Sting 25th
Haas^2 26th
We PR’d Ourselves 27th
But Did We Die? 28th
Sarah & Trish 29th
Right on Time 30th
Team Lewis 31st
Scaled Delight 32nd
Not Fast But Furious 33rd
The Revolution 34th
MMDUT 35th

Masters Division

Polar Opposites Team 1st
Carmen Smith Individual 1st

Rx Individual

Kelly Bryant 1st
Morgan Locklear 2nd
Kiera Caveny Cox 3rd
Maegan Miller 4th
Elizabeth Bell 5th
Erin Patchey 6th
Kiley O’Neill 7th
Sienna Mulkerrins 8th
Abby Goodson 9th

Rx Team

Be The Change 1st
Happy But Hungry 2nd
Mama Drama 3rd
PLN 4th
Castaways 5th
Ignite With Fire 6th
Jackley 6th
Ninja Unicorns 8th
Bodies by Belmont 9th
Swole & Sassy 10th
CFFD 11th
CFB 12th
Who Let The Dogs Out?! 13th
Team Names are Hard 14th

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