Christina Roth

Since falling in love with her Pink Polaroid 600 in the late 1980’s, Christina Roth has been determined to photograph as many captivating moments as possible. Her lifelong passion for photography inspired the launch of Vibrant Photography in 2000. Although her love of composition and capturing photographic emotion was fine tuned many years later, she continues to develop her craft and still gets excited at every opportunity to pick up her camera. Blending fitness and photography, Christina has worked closely with the CrossFit community since 2009, spending time as a Regional and Games volunteer and a contracted writer for the CrossFit Media Team. You can typically find her at CrossFit Northlake, as their resident photographer for monthly community images. She is also a volunteer photographer for various charities across the Carolinas, such as the Charlotte Chapter of Flashes of Hope, Project Momentum Fitness, and the DreamOn3 organization. As a self-proclaimed globetrotter, Christina captures landscape images all around the world in pursuit of a goal to reach all 50 states and 7 continents during her lifetime. When she’s not behind the lens of her favorite camera, she’s likely planning her next adventure or searching for the best coffee in town.