Amy Bright

Amy Bright has loved fitness and competition ever since she can remember. Being the youngest of three athletic girls she constantly competed with and tried to keep up with her older sisters in everything they did. Whether it was getting the highest score on a routine in gymnastics or being the fastest one to make it around the neighborhood on a bike, she has always loved the feeling of being active and striving to be the best you can be.

She opened a CrossFit gym in 2012 with her husband, Jason, and loves helping the Charlotte fitness community reach their health and wellness goals through the various group classes offered at the gym.  She also loves partnering with Candice Case to throw on the annual Goddess Games to help women realize their strength and to help support various local nonprofit organizations.

As a working mother, CrossFit works so well for her because it not only gives her great results, but it does so in a short amount of time. She understands the daily struggle among so many working moms to truly “balance it all” and she believes CrossFit is a great fit for those wanting to find that balance. She also loves the example that it sets for her two sons. She cannot imagine a better place for them to be than at a CrossFit gym where they can see people of all ages and from all walks of life, push themselves and reach their goals on a daily basis. As a teacher she believes there is nothing more satisfying than watching people reach their goals, build confidence within themselves and realize their true potential.